February 6, 2018

Your liberties will never be secure…

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Dear Fellow Patriot,

    As Patrick Henry taught us: Our liberties will never be secure if we allow our legislature to hide the transactions of their business from us.

    Last November, Massachusetts state representatives voted to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks, without debate.

    In addition, they didn’t want anyone to knowing they had passed the final language of the bill with less than five legislators present and no roll call vote.

    They also don’t want you to know the way in which the bill was passed violates the Massachusetts Constitution and the enforcement of the bill violates the U.S. Constitution.

    This is why I have emailed every single legislator a copy of our Transparency and Accountability Stand for a Roll Call Pledge and I have asked each and every one of them to sign it.

    Will they stand up and make sure legislators have to go on record when they take away our rights? See a copy of the pledge below and to ask them to stand with us as we oppose further Unconstitutional actions.

For Freedom,




Chris Pinto
Massachusetts Gun Rights