February 6, 2018

Your liberties will never be secure…

Dear Fellow Patriot,

As Patrick Henry has taught us: Our liberties will never be secure if we allow our legislature to hide the transactions of their business from us.

Last November, Massachusetts state representatives voted to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks without any debate.

AND they don’t want you to know they passed the final language of the bill with less than five legislators present and no roll call vote.

        They also don’t want you to know the way in which the bill was passed violates the Massachusetts Constitution.

This is why I have emailed every single legislator a copy of our Transparency and Accountability Stand for a Roll Call Pledge and I have asked each and everyone of them to sign it.

You can see a copy of the pledge below.

At different points during the legislative session, one legislator alone could’ve prevented the advancement of the recent bump-stock legislation, requiring at minimum full roll call votes and more time for pro-gun advocates to contact and educate their legislators. But the legislation was advanced along with voice votes at different points, and other good, pro-gun legislation and amendments die for lack of legislators standing for a roll call. This allows many legislators to claim they’re pro-gun by putting out public letters chastising the attorney general, rather than taking legislative action to actually halt her overreach. This indicates that at many turns, legislators can assert they are pro-gun, but leave pro-gun voters in the lurch when it really counts. We want candidates and legislators who are always there for us, not sporadically willing to take a stand when our rights are eroded.

        I’ll be blunt, it is very important that we let them know that we expect transparency and accountability.   Will you please help  by writing to your State Representatives?  

You can fill out the form below and it will look up your representatives and send them a message we have written for you, or you can edit the message to your liking before sending it.

Please take two minutes to send a strong message to all State Representatives


Thank you for your support.


For Freedom,




Chris Pinto
Massachusetts Gun Rights