What they won’t tell you about the Automatic Voter Registration bill

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    On July 31st an automatic voter registration bill was sent to Gov Charlie Baker to be signed.

    But the news media won’t tell you what happened with this bill.

    Here is the final vote on bill, which auto registers MassHealth and Registry users to vote but which does NOT include gun owners.


   And here is the vote on Amendment 12 which would add gun owners to be automatically registered to vote when they purchase a firearm. Amendment 12 was put forth by Rep Kevin Kuros! 

    This Amendment adds Firearms Records Bureau to list of agencies where voters will be automatically registered to vote.  Underlying bill only included MassHealth and the RMV.

    This amendment went down in flames almost entirely upon party lines.



    The take-away, the Democrats don’t want gun owners voting. Remember that on election day.

    Thank you to Rep Kevin Kuros for putting forth Amendment #12.

    Kevin is running for Worcester County Register of Deeds and he is in a Republican primary on September 4th.

    We need more folks like Kevin at all levels of Government.

    Remember the swamp on Beacon Hill doesn’t want you to vote and the primary is September 4th.


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