Get your LTC and support freedom on Beacon Hill

Get your LTC and support freedom on Beacon Hill

Here is what our friends at MassPro2A have to say about what is happening in MA and who is on our side. Thanks guys, we could not have said it better ourselves.


Too often I hear people say “Leave Massachusetts. You’re not free anymore. That place is a lost cause.”

This simply isn’t true. And if you did leave, they win. They want us to leave.

We can win. All we need to do is recruit, educate, train and organize gun rights (firearms owners) to fight back against the radical anti-gun agenda and in time we will win.

The next time someone tells you that we can’t win, remind them that we have great people like Kevin Kuros in the legislature. We are not starting from nothing.

Kevin doesn’t subscribe to the ridiculous false narratives of the Attorney General and her ilk. In fact he is having a fundraiser that kills two birds with one stone. Get your LTC class done in the morning and hit the range in the afternoon for some live fire.

There is simply no better way to say this than, “As gun owners, we need more guys like Kevin Kuros on Beacon Hill”.

If you are considering getting your MA LTC, this is a great event to attend.

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