November 12, 2017

Stop the Firearms Poll Tax

Support H1296 – An Act relative to constitutional rights

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Stop the Firearms Poll Tax in Massachusetts


We, the undersigned, as citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, urge you to pass HD1296 An Act Relative to Constitutional Rights and stop local municipalities from creating their own Firearm Policies, as this is a God given Constitutionally protected Right and should only be denied if you are federally prohibited.


City Councils, Town Meetings and Police Chiefs have installed a modern-day Poll Tax System on Gun Licensing that deters applicants from the process and allows for more power of denial. These Poll Taxes are designed to find out what you know and who you know, and are consistent with the banned practices of Literacy Tests and Grandfather Clauses on Voting Rights.


Individual City policies do not prevent criminals or the mentally ill from obtaining firearms, as they would be denied by the state and federal vetting processes.


The violation of our Rights by Licensing Authorities around the State will continue to get worse unless a Preemption Law is passed.


 We, the undersigned Residents of Massachusetts, demand you pass H1296 and protect the Constitutional Rights of your Constituents. We are Citizens who pass all the requirements for firearms ownership and should not be held to further scrutiny from non-elected Licensing Authorities.

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