Senate to Hold Bump Hearing on Wednesday

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Sen. Michael Moore, a Millbury Democrat, said Monday he would lead an informational hearing on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Room 222 “to provide members of the public and stakeholders the opportunity to weigh-in on these important legislative provisions.”

Two bills banning bump stocks, which can be used to increase a firearm’s rate of discharge to imitate an automatic weapon, were filed in the aftermath of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas concert massacre. Those bills, offered by Rep. David Linsky and Sen. Bruce Tarr, served as the foundation of amendments added last week to House and Senate budget bills.

While the House amendment more broadly bans an devices that increase a gun’s discharge rate, the Senate version targets bump stocks and trigger cranks and classifies both as machine guns with a narrow path to obtain a license to possess.

Moore’s office said it expects the competing budget bills to be sent to a conference committee of House and Senate negotiators, and information learned during the hearing will be passed on to those six lawmakers.

DeLeo said Monday that the House and Senate Ways and Means Committee chairs were “talking to each other” about the differences in the bills, and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said the Senate would be seeking “additional input.”

“I’m confident that we can work out something that’s reasonable, fair and balanced,” Rosenberg said.

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