National Shooting Sports Foundation to take legal action against Maura Healey

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NSSF Seeks Massachusetts Retailers
to Join Legal Action

NSSF announced earlier today that we have retained expert counsel and will be proceeding with a challenge in Massachusetts against Attorney General Maura Healey’s “Enforcement Notice” that has had the effect of banning the sales of semiautomatic rifles in the Commonwealth. NSSF is seeking Massachusetts retailers willing to join in the lawsuit as plaintiffs. There will be no legal cost to those doing so. Interested retailers should contact Patrick Shay at with all necessary contact information as soon as possible.


NSSF  for the past two weeks has been inundated with calls and emails seeking clarifications to the “Enforcement Notice.” Unfortunately, they are in the dark. The Attorney General’s Office has offered little to no guidance and simply directs our licensed retailers to its website. At the this time we recommend that retailers cease any communications with the Attorney General’s Office conducted without the assistance of legal counsel. Anyone who could potentially be in violation of the new interpretations, or a further amendment of them, may be subject to future prosecution. This means any information you might give that office, no matter how innocuous, could be used against you.

We would also strongly recommend that if the Attorney General, or other agency, contacts you requesting information that you do not respond until you have consulted legal counsel. Make especially certain that any legal counsel you seek is an expert on firearms and constitutional law.

 Once again, NSSF is seeking any retailer who wants to be a part of the lawsuit to contact us immediately. This is, most likely, not the end of her blatant attack on our industry. Late last week, the AG’s office sought information from some of our member companies regarding manufacturing dates of specific firearms. The lack of action on behalf of the legislature could be interpreted by the AG’s office as providing tacit approval to continue.

Our retailers have been operating in the state for the past 18 years under the same interpretation that has been supported by all state regulatory agencies. During this time no prior attorney general has attempted to usurp the constitutional role of the legislature or the courts to essentially rewrite state law. This action indicates a clear antigun political agenda that overnight turned law abiding Massachusetts citizens and federally licensed manufacturers, distributors and retailers into potential felons.

NSSF will continue to update you as we move forward in our legal challenge.

2 thoughts on “National Shooting Sports Foundation to take legal action against Maura Healey

  • I hope they make the case that M. Healy and co. are making second class citizens out of Massachusetts residents.
    Article IV, section 2, part 1 of the US Constitution states:
    “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of
    Citizens in the several States.”
    If we cannot purchase the same items as other Americans then we are no longer equals, in fact, we now no longer have the same speech rights. This is a case of freedom of speech! Exercising ones’ rights is free speech!

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