February 5, 2016

MAssachusetts Gun Rights, Inc.

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Massachusetts Gun Rights

Massachusetts Gun Rights (MAGR), will lead the charge to recruit, educate, train, organize, and mobilize gun rights activists in order to restore our freedoms and halt the radical anti-gun agenda in Massachusetts. Accepting no compromise on the issue of gun control, MAGR will work tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun view and we intend to make great strides in protecting and preserving the Second Amendment. Our effectiveness in the battle against the gun grabbers will depend entirely on the support of gun rights supporters like you.

On July 31st 2014 the legislature passed a so-called “historic” gun bill which took away our liberties. Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) went neutral on the bill on the day of the vote. This move signaled us that we needed to form MAGR and become the only no-compromise gun rights group within the commonwealth.

An article written in the Boston Globe on September 11th of the same year, documents the deals GOAL made. GOAL traded our rights for a seat at the table with the gun grabbers.

Read it here A gun rights advocate willing to compromise
Of this legislation State Rep Marc Lombardo had the following to say on Social Media.

Massachusetts Gun Rights, Inc. (MAGR)