MA State Representatives who have not signed a letter against the AG’s gun ban

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Click here for a PDF of the state representatives Who did not sign a letter against the AG’s gun ban.

It is important to continue to call these people. Let them know that they have violated their oath to uphold the constitution.

In February the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that we have fundamental right to assault weapons. Their decision state that so-called “assault weapons” are “not unusual” and that they are not “machine guns” and since they are owned by millions of Americans they cannot be banned.

Also considering the fact that an AR is easily handled by men and women alike, banning them will only limit the choices for men and for women to defend themselves, their family and their homes.

Is this the kind of community that we want to live in where we allow one politically motivated elected official turn thousands of law abiding citizens into criminals overnight and violate a woman’s right to choose how to defend herself?

Please call these people and let them know that you will not rest until Maura Healey’s unconstitutional action is halted.

Name Phone Number Email Address
Atkins, Cory  617-722-2015
Ayers, Bruce  617-722-2230
Balser, Ruth  617-722-2396
Barber, Christine  617-722-2430
Bradley, Garrett  617-722-2520
Brodeur, Paul  617-722-2304
Cabral, Antonio  617-722-2017
Carvalho, Evandro  617-722-2460
Collins, Nick  617-722-2014
Coppinger, Edward  617-722-2304
Cullinane, Daniel  617-722-2006
Decker, Marjorie  617-722-2450
DeLeo, Robert  617-722-2500
Dempsey, Brian  617-722-2990
Donahue, Daniel  617-722-2006
Donato, Paul  617-722-2180
DuBois, Michelle  617-722-2011
Ehrlich, Lori  617-722-2430
Farley-Bouvier, Tricia  617-722-2240
Ferrante, Ann-Margaret  617-722-2080
Fox, Gloria  617-722-2810
Garballey, Sean  617-722-2090
Garlick, Denise  617-722-2810
Gentile, Carmine  617-722-2014
Gonzalez, Carlos  617-722-2080
Gordon, Kenneth  617-722-2013
Haddad, Patricia  617-722-2600
Hecht, Jonathan  617-722-2140
Heroux, Paul  617-722-2090
Holmes, Russell  617-722-2220
Honan, Kevin  617-722-2470
Hunt, Daniel  617-722-2263
Kaufman, Jay  617-722-2320
Keefe, Mary  617-722-2210
Khan, Kay  617-722-2011
Kocot, Peter  617-722-2140
Lawn, John  617-722-2220
Linsky, David  617-722-2575
Livingstone, Jay  617-722-2396
Madaro, Adrian  617-722-2637
Malia, Elizabeth  617-722-2060
Mariano, Ronald  617-722-2300
McGonagle, Joseph  617-722-2400
Michlewitz, Aaron  617-722-2220
Mom, Rady  617-722-2460
Moran, Michael  617-722-2014
Murphy, James  617-722-2240
O’Day, James  617-722-2090 James.O’
Peisch, Alice  617-722-2070
Petrolati, Thomas  617-722-2255
Provost, Denise  617-722-2263
Rogers, John  617-722-2092
Rushing, Byron  617-722-2783
Ryan, Daniel  617-722-2575
Sánchez, Jeffrey  617-722-2430
Sannicandro, Tom  617-722-2013
Scaccia, Angelo  617-722-2060
Scibak, John  617-722-2030
Smizik, Frank  617-722-2676
Stanley, Thomas  617-722-2230
Story, Ellen  617-722-2012
Straus, William  617-722-2400
Swan, Benjamin  617-722-2380
Timilty, Walter  617-722-2230
Toomey, Timothy  617-722-2380
Tucker, Paul  617-722-2400
Ultrino, Steven  617-722-2460
Vega, Aaron  617-722-2011
Wagner, Joseph  617-722-2370
Walsh, Thomas  617-722-2676

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