There are many things wrong with the Massachusetts Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) and Stun Gun bills.

ERPO is another term for gun confiscation without due process. No one in America should be the subject of a court ruling without being able to defend themselves. ERPOs allow disgruntled boy/girlfriends to accuse a person of pre-crimes and strip an individuals of their rights. That is how far our civil liberties have fallen in the home state of the American Revolution; people can now be held accountable for things they haven’t done.

The bill’s author, Rep. Marjorie Decker, is on record as calling the right to keep and bear arms a “privilege”. Perhaps instead of authoring unconstitutional bills she should read the Constitution and Supreme Court cases that confirm it is a fundamental right.

The Massachusetts ban on stun guns was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. In a state filled with politicians who say Voter ID laws are racist and disproportionally effect the poor, they sure jumped quick at the chance to license stun guns and put them financially out of reach for many in Massachusetts.

Stun guns are legal to purchase over the counter in about 40 states and they are a nonfactor in crime. The Legislature is not only licensing this civil right ($100 application fee) but they are requiring a firearms training class (another $100). I am certified to teach two firearm safety courses in Massachusetts, and neither one covers stun guns — and I can’t just add stun guns to the curriculum. There is no certification process.

So, the Legislature will require training classes that don’t include training on what they want us to receive training on!The Legislature tried this with pepper spray, and recently that law was repealed. What does this Legislature have against citizens being able to defend themselves in less than lethal ways? They are more concerned with denying our ability to defend ourselves and making money than they are with preserving our civil liberties.

Dan Gannon