July 4, 2018

Independence Gun Giveaway

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  • 380

Win a P320 Nitron

  • Firearm provided by Continental Firearms Clinton MA

    If you are anything like me, you want every opportunity to show the gun grabbers just how important Second Amendment rights are to us as Americans.

    This summer you can celebrate in a way you never have before with a Sig Sauer P320 Black 9mm with night sites, (2)10 round magazines and a holster!

    Enter NOW for your chance to win!

    One lucky winner will get this Sig Sauer P320 Black 9mm with night sites.
    It doesn’t get much more American than showing your independence through exercising your Constitutional rights!

    Don’t wait. Sign up now!

    For Freedom,

    Chris Pinto
    Massachusetts Gun Rights

    P.S. If you donate $25 dollars or more to help keep the gun giveaways going we will send you this awesome t-shirt.

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