ICYMI: “Republican” Attorney General candidate Shores favors Gun Control

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In a Boston Herald Debate on July 18th the two Republican candidates for Attorney General showed us a large difference between the two of them when it comes to supporting gun owners. 

In a Boston Herald Radio debate, AG candidate Dan Shores revealed that he favors more gun control:

“I’m listening to Dan Shores and he’s giving us a reason why he has no experience at all in the Massachusetts court system where the attorney general operates,” McMahon said. “It’s absolutely ludicrous to say he has three years as a patent lawyer and has not one case in the Massachusetts court system, and he is going to hire litigators, he’s going to counsel litigators on how to operate in a Massachusetts court and he’s never been in one.”

The exchange was the harshest yet of the campaign, and came as both candidates are struggling for name recognition and attention in the primary battle to face off against Attorney General Maura Healey.

McMahon and Shores also disagreed on gun control legislation, with McMahon saying he opposed a ban on so-called bump stocks, which can cause a semi-automatic weapon to fire faster and were used by the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre.

“I have a lot of guns,” McMahon said. “Licensed gun owners in Massachusetts don’t commit gun crimes. I’m not in favor of any more restrictions. We already have too many.”

Shores also said he was a licensed gun owner but supported the bump stock ban.


Really Dan? Are you tone-deaf? EOPSS Chairman Daniel Bennett sent more than 400,000 threatening letters to Massachusetts gun owners and only 3 bump stocks have been reported as being turned in. By those actions, I would say that “We the People” voted on the Bump Stock ban and they decided that they will not comply with an unjust and unconstitutional law

The primary election is Tuesday September 4th, the day after labor day.
Don’t  forget to vote and remember Dan Shores is just another radical tone-deaf anti-gun establishment “republican”.

Jay McMahon on the other hand has stated 

I’m not in favor of any more restrictions. We already have too many.

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