Healey Begins to back pedal

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Healey clears gun buyers

AG may still go after dealers for sales of banned assault weapons

ATTORNEY GENERAL MAURA HEALEY decided to allow those who bought nearly 2,300 assault weapons in Massachusetts to keep their new guns even though they were purchased after she ordered the sales stopped. But Healey has not backed away from her threat to levy criminal or civil sanctions against dealers who sold one of the banned assault weapons in defiance of her declaration that the “copycat” semi-automatic rifles are illegal under a 1998 state law.

“Our enforcement notice on Wednesday was very clear that it was effective immediately,” Jillian Fennimore, a spokeswoman for Healey, said in a statement. “Gun dealers and manufacturers in Massachusetts are now on notice and our office will be watching for illegal sales of these copycat assault weapons. In light of the fact that many people apparently acted in the belief that they had until the end of the day on Wednesday to buy these weapons, our office will not take enforcement action under state law with regard to any transactions made by individual purchasers acting in good faith that were finalized on Wednesday, July 20.”


4 thoughts on “Healey Begins to back pedal

  • Still not good enough. This isn’t an option, we don’t want to be forgiven. Thousands of gun owners met yesterday peacefully and not a single shot was fired. We aren’t the problem.
    Healey times this perfectly for the DNC and when anyone who would oppose her was at the RNC. That’s all this is. It’s not about safety, it’s about her being able to say “look what I did” at the Democratic National Convention.

  • This woman needs to go away. What makes her think she can interpret the law the way she sees fit. Does she have a clue how the judicial system works? Does she realize that the first arrest or suit filed will bring a storm of legitimate laws suits costing the Commonwealth millions of dollars. Does she think he threats will really stand up???? Go away little girl. Let the real women and men do it correctly for the good of the Commonwealth. That means, shut up and sit down and leave the right to bear arms alone and concentrate on child abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse and real crimes.

  • The beginning of the Revolutionary War began when the British marched to take the gun powder stores away from the militias. Are you telling me that the People of MA are that weak that they will not stand and fight now for their rights against a rouge AG? .. Oh yes it has begun…..

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