State Senator Ryan Fattman interview with Gun & Gadgets

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State Senator Ryan Fattman interview with Gun & Gadgets


State Senator Ryan Fattman sat down with Gun & Gadgets and gave his thoughts on Maura Healey’s edict on so-called “assault weapons”.

Some notable points he made:

  •  She overreached as laws need to go through the process to be properly vetted
  • She totally re-interpreted the law making people felons in waiting
  • She violate the Second Amendment
  • It is troubling that one individual has this type of power.
  • Second Amendment was put into place to protect the First Amendment
  • Two years ago we had contentious debate over gun laws and how do you pull this out of thin air
  • Bi-partisan opposition to her move is growing
  • Mis-truths over guns is out there in media and we need a fact based discussion of this issue
  • She has made many people potential felons in waiting, including the Senator and his entire family
  • She has potentially made many semi-automatic handguns illegal
  • Action on this issue may take weeks or months if it does not occur this weekend



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