Don’t Be Like Chris and Joe: Get Properly Trained and be Effective.

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Get properly trained in politics so this doesn’t happen to you.

Over a year ago I reached out to Joe and Chris to invite them to a training with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL). They couldn’t find the time to join us and now they may be hurting their candidate. I hope that they will join us some day and get it right. Our side doesn’t get “do overs”.

FACL trains groups like Ron Paul Liberty Movement, National Association for Gun Rights, National Right to Work and of course Massachusetts Gun Rights.

Don’t be like Joe and Chris. Get properly trained. Send an email TODAY to the clerk of our board at and let him know that you are interested in becoming an activist. We will put on you on the list to be notified for our next training. You want to do it the right way so that you don’t end up in the news like these guys did.

We WILL get you trained so that you can advance your cause (even if it isn’t gun related) in defense of Liberty and Freedom.

Our main point is “To be an effective activist for Liberty and Freedom, you need to be properly trained”



By Matt Murphy

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, FEB. 22, 2018….Republican attorney Dan Shores, one of two prospective challengers to Attorney General Maura Healey, has aligned himself and his campaign with gun rights activists, a complicating factor as the latest school shooting in Florida has plunged the country back into a debate over gun control.

In the week since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, neither Shores, nor Republican attorney general candidate Jay McMahon, have said anything publicly about the shooting.

The decision to remain quiet, according to the Shores campaign, has to do with not wanting to politicize the tragedy. But it also draws attention to the support Shores is receiving from Second Amendment activists, and the heated manner in which gun control gets debated, not just in Washington, but in Massachusetts as well.

Many gun owners are still angry with Healey over her aggressive enforcement of an assault weapons ban in Massachusetts. While Healey said she was simply stepping up enforcement of an existing ban, many in the gun community felt her interpretation of the ban went too far.

Shores says he does not support Healey’s enforcement of the assault rifle ban, but told the News Service that citizens should be “respectful of others and avoid using inflammatory rhetoric, about anyone including public officials.”

“I encourage all of our citizens, when exercising free speech on any public issue, on a social media platform or otherwise, to be respectful of others and avoid inflammatory rhetoric about anyone including public officials, and I call on these citizens who are frustrated by the unilateral and unconstitutional actions of the current AG to step back and realize that protecting our freedoms as well as our public safety relies on civil discourse,” Shores said in a statement to the News Service.

The Hingham attorney’s comments came in response to questions posed by the News Service about Shores’ association with a pro-gun owners rights group Guns of Massachusetts. The organization has endorsed Shores, and is raising money for his campaign.

Until recently, the group’s Facebook page featured a video depicting action star Chuck Norris in a western film taking aim and firing a rifle. The video was blended with clips of pedestrians, cheerleaders, partygoers and other innocent bystanders tripping and falling to appear as though they had been shot by Norris. It was titled “Don’t F*#@ With Chuck.” But in the days after the Parkland shooting, the group deleted the video from its site.

The video was removed from Facebook on Tuesday, the same day the News Service inquired whether Shores’ campaign had seen the video and unsuccessfully tried to interview one of the founders of Guns of Mass about the subject.

The Shores campaign said it never asked Guns of Mass to take the video down, but did talk with the group’s co-founder Christopher Resendes about the News Service’s inquiry about posting made to the group’s Facebook page.

A second video that the News Service called Shores’ attention to features a crowd raising their middle-fingers in unison and is titled “Gun owners saluting Maura….#heilhealy #healyhurtsfamilies” remains on the group’s page.

“The Parkland shooting in Florida was a horrific tragedy and politicizing the shooting is not helpful.  Instead, we need to learn as much as possible from that event and other such mass murders to develop strong policies to keep our schools here in Massachusetts safe,” Shores said in a statement to the News Service.

He continued, “I do not support AG Healey’s 2016 rifle ban chiefly because it was on all accounts legislation unilaterally issued from her office, without any input from our legislature or Governor. That type of unlawful overreach by an individual in our government should greatly concern us all.”

Healey’s campaign declined to comment for this story, but the day after the Florida school shooting she appeared at the State House for a previously planned lobbying day where activists pushed for passage of an extreme risk protective order bill, which would create a process to temporarily reduce an individual’s access to firearms if they pose a danger to themselves or others.

At that rally, Healey called on Congress to act on gun safety legislation and for states to adopt laws similar to laws in place here. “We have strong laws and we enforce those laws,” Healey said.

The same day Guns of Mass posted on Facebook that Resendes would be donating the proceeds of a gun instruction course he is teaching in Holbrook on March 25 to Shores’ campaign.

The group is also hosting a Second Amendment meet-and-greet fundraiser with Shores the night before at the Portuguese American Civic Club in Taunton.

“We truly believe Dan has the best chance to gain support from not only the firearms community but other diverse groups as well. His views as a Constitutionalist are appealing to all in this state who want their rights preserved and protected,” Resendes and Guns of Mass co-founder Joe Morgan posted to Facebook. “His goals to depoliticize the office, and to reset it’s sights back on to the intended duties of protecting the rights of Massachusetts citizens, are goals that all can agree with no matter which party you are affiliated with.”

How the group plans to donate proceeds from a commercial gun class to Shores campaign and comply with campaign finance rules that prohibit corporate donations remains to be seen, but both Resendes and Morgan have made individual contributions.

Resendes, who is listed in Office of Campaign and Political Finance records as a court officer for the Trial Court, donated $500 on Dec. 22 and Morgan, a police officer at Bridgewater State University, donated $450 on the same day.

Resendes twice called the News Service back in response to an email requesting an interview about Guns of Mass support for Shores and the content of its Facebook page, but both times the calls were dropped and he then stopped responding to email.

Over the weekend, Resendes hosted a live chat on Facebook where he criticized the tone and misinformation that gets spread about guns and gun owners in the aftermath of a tragedy by people on both sides of the debate.

“Nothing gets accomplished. Absolutely not a thing gets accomplished…,” Resendes said. “When you’re making these comments online, you’re representing our community. Please be sure to be factual, be kind. Be to the point, because those people in the middle might be swayed by you.”

Resendes urged gun owners using social media to make their defense of the Second Amendment to avoid using information published by sites like Breitbart that are quickly dismissed by opponents, and instead cite facts published by government agencies like the FBI or left-leaning outlets like Mother Jones.

“Main point is, online be responsible. You’re an ambassador of our community,” he said.



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