DAVE SOUZA: Dear AG Healey, ban pressure cookers, not guns

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DAVE SOUZA: Dear AG Healey, ban pressure cookers, not guns


A few months ago, in a major publicity stunt prior to the Democratic National Convention, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey banned the sale of assault weapons in Massachusetts. Just like that, she over stepped the state politicians in Boston and decided to call the shots on the law. Or should I say, interrupted the law.

Let me explain something that most non-shooters do not know. First and foremost, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. There are handguns that are either revolvers or pistols. Then there are rifles. They only come in bolt, semi-automatic, lever and single shot. Then there are shotguns styles like over and under, side-by-side, single shot, pump or semi-automatic. Those are the only guns that exist in the real world. There are military guns that only the military can have and many of those are full auto and are restricted. You’ll never see them on the streets, except,of course, in movies.

Assault weapons originally existed only in the minds of Washington liberals looking for votes and wanting all guns eventually banned. It’s a socialist thing to hate something like the Second Amendment. Think Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. Those leaders didn’t want guns in the hands of the peasants so they could have total control of their countries. Our socialists, in search of the right guns to target, decided to start with the AR-15 and AK-47 because they were scary enough to strike fear in the minds of the public. Once those guns were gone, then they could work their way through the list to finally ban handguns, hunting rifles, trap and skeet shotguns, all guns.

The pols had one problem. They needed to find a problem for their solution. They couldn’t just ban the guns for no real reason so they targeted parts on the guns that make them more dangerous. These items don’t really contribute to the gun’s total functionality, but it’s a start. Here are some of the items they came up with that are banned on these scary rifles:

Bayonet lugs: This is the little piece of metal on the bottom of the barrel a few inches in from the muzzle. This is where one would attach a bayonet. I’ve been shooting since 1971 and hunting for almost as long. I’ve hunted in a couple of different states. I’ve seen all sort of firearms used to hunt and for sporting events. Not once have I even seen a firearm with an attached bayonet. In fact, even at competitions where shooters are using old military guns, I have never seen an attached bayonet. I also Googled all over looking to see if anyone anywhere in the United States had been killed with a bayonet attached to a rifle other than during a war and I couldn’t find one instance of that crime.

Folding stock: The idea behind banning a folding stock is to prevent the firearm from being concealed by folding the stock to make it shorter. OK, lets see how much shorter. I measured the length of an AR-15 and it’s 36 inches. If I could collapse the stock, the firearm would be 32 ½ inches. That’s only a difference of 3 ½ inches, not exactly a cancellable weapon. Someone along the way though that the folding stock on a rifle would make it more dangerous or more concealable. No matter how you look at it, an AR-15 is hard to conceal. So to further their agenda, the folding stock was added to the list banned items.

Flash suppressor: The flash suppressor is another scary piece on the front of the barrel that has slots. These slots are supposed to hide some of the flash coming out of the barrel of the gun. It does not completely eliminate the flash. Once again someone probably thought it would be a good idea to make a big thing out of this item. What are the odds that one of these anti-gun types watched a movie on a Saturday night and saw all the flash blasting away from a Tommy Gun in the movie Dick Tracy or possibly a war movie like Platoon and thought “Wow this is dangerous.”

If you know anything about movie firearms and even if you don’t, the big flash of the firearm on the screen is for one reason – entertainment. Anyway, the flash suppressor is one of the items on the list so now it’s illegal. On the front of my AR-15, I replaced the suppressor with a muzzle brake. The brake helps keep the barrel down while shooting. That’s perfectly legal and yet it’s bigger and scarier looking that any flash hider I’ve ever seen.

Pistol grip: All the modern rifles have pistols grips and they are semi auto. Semi auto meaning you get one shot from one trigger pull. The grip seems to be a dangerous item so it’s on the banned list.

Grenade launcher: I’m not kidding. The people writing these laws are totally delusional. Of all the horrible things on TV news have you ever seen any use of a grenade launcher? Never.

Now the way the law reads is if a firearm has more than two of the above items then it’s an assault weapon. That how the fairy tale was put together and then it became the law. The federal assault weapons ban ended in 2004 but Massachusetts, clinging to old ideas, still has it in place.

The federal assault weapon ban wasn’t really a ban. It was just a law put in to get votes for the people that pushed this law. Most of the politicians that pushed for the ban by the way were voted out of office. During that time, I bought two AR-15’s, an AK-47 and a FAL, the European version of an AR-15 and did it legally. I bought all these firearms at guns shops where I filled out the appropriate paperwork and a background check was done. In less than a half hour I walked out with the gun. So much for the so-called assault rifle ban.

Now the reason the AG gave for banning all these guns was to prevent anyone from being shot. She didn’t want these guns in circulation, but she had a problem. She couldn’t ban something that was a large investment for the gun dealers all over the state so she gave them until midnight to sell them. Because of that ,just about every AR-15 and AK-47 and other so called assault rifle were sold that day and flooded the state. So now there are probably another 5,000 guns in the hands of Massachusetts residents thanks to Healey enforcing her new rules

The FBI has stats and the latest ones show that no one has been shot in Massachusetts with so called assault weapons or for that matter any style of rifle. So why did she decide to stop the sale of these guns in Massachusetts? I can only guess but I think she was trying to make a name for herself. Consider the fact that she did it during the Republican National Convention. Nothing like showboating and getting headlines just before the Democratic Convention. If she was looking to make a name for herself in the state, she has. I’ve been to many gun shops and gun clubs since the ban and I’ve heard the name she made for herself. One is ex attorney general and the rest I just can’t print.

What she needs to do is ban something that has actually killed people and wounded hundreds more. So I suggest she bans pressure cookers. That’s right, pressure cookers. She can make a name for herself with that item. After all, she banned a type of rifle that has caused no one harm in Massachusetts but a pressure cooker is a Massachusetts’s terrorist idea. You could call it the Massachusetts Assault Weapon and possibly get a few votes. It has caused great harm and it’s proven to be dangerous and yet they still sit on retailer’s shelves all over the state for anyone to buy. And now the idea of using a pressure cooker as a weapon of fear has spread to New York and New Jersey causing even more harm. Time to take action. Time to really make a name for yourself.

She should hold a noontime press conference and tell retailers they have until midnight to sell them out and after that they will face prosecution for the sale of a dangerous stainless steel pot with a locking cover.

If she does this, then maybe, just maybe, the guys at the gun clubs, who are ready to vote her out of office next time around, will stop calling her all those names.


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