Baltimore Sun LTE: Stricter gun control is not the answer, tougher sentencing is

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Stricter gun control is not the answer, tougher sentencing is


In the year 2017 alone, Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed more than a dozen gun-control and gun-rights measures – several in response to recent mass shootings. Here are some of those bills floating around the House and Senate chambers. None have been enacted.
Stricter gun control is not the answer. In 2016, more than 40,000 people died in auto accidents in the United States. No march was made on Washington. No mass assemblies were held. No one ever said that we should ban or somehow restrict the automobile. It, however, was the “tool” used to cause those deaths, just as a gun was the tool the people chose to used to attack some schools (“Gun-control bills pass Maryland House of Delegates,” March 15).

Traffic deaths are the number one killer of people between the ages of four and 34. What is being or has been done to reduce these figures? Using the mindset of the anti-gun crowd we should restrict the use of motorized vehicles. No green cars with protruding radio antenna and trailer hitches. No cars may carry more than two individuals, with older cars grandfathered (“Lawsuits accuse automakers of faulty airbags, recall delays,” March 15). Along the same mindset, kitchen knives have also caused serious injury and deaths so we should also ban knives in kitchen use to under three inches. As silly as this sounds, this is exactly what the politicians want to do with guns.

We do not need to restrict guns. We need to look at the users and find out what is causing their outrageous actions. Almost daily we read about some individual arrested for some offense while carrying a gun who had previously been charged with the same offense but was turned loose by the courts. That is where the efforts should be pointed, not at the law abiding gun owners.

Frank Mitchell, Havre de Grace

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