Dear Patriots,
        Our Second Amendment is under attack yet again in Massachusetts.
        These continued attacks on our inherent rights, are now worse than ever.

        Today Republican leadership is looking to follow Democrats and cave to pressure from the liberal establishment, statists in both parties, and their friends in the media. 

Just two years ago, behind the “leadership” of Attorney General Healey, the Legislature allowed attacks via her enforcement diktat to go unchallenged. This week they will again allow more ineffective and discriminatory legislation to go unchallenged. This is why we need your help TODAY!

        The legislation to be voted on this week are the following  bills:
H.3610 – An Act temporarily preventing firearm access for extremely dangerous or suicidal individuals.
H.3611 – An Act authorizing the voluntary disavowal of eligibility to purchase a firearm.
        H.3610 is dangerous legislation. If passed, it would allow for cruel and extremely dangerous treatment of people who may or may not have severe mental health issues. It is extraordinarily unfair for the state to treat a person who may be going through a temporary crisis, in the same manner as a person that may be so mentally ill that he or she is a potential mass murderer. To make matters worse, any person named in one of these orders would be deprived of their constitutionally protected rights. The state would haul them into court and fast track seizure of any firearms they legally own. Following the court appearance and firearms seizure, they would be set free, back into society with no medical help and no structured support system.

        H.3611 is legislation that will be used to trick/convince  people to sign a form to voluntarily turn in their firearms on a “temporary” basis. The legislation also claims that you can simply “petition” to get your rights back after your crisis has passed. If the fact that you ever signed one of these forms is made available, you will forever be deemed unsuitable. This legislation, in and of itself will discourage those in need of help from seeking it in the first place.

        Republicans are under tremendous pressure from members of their own party, House and Senate leadership, and Governor Baker, to betray the law-abiding citizens of the Commonwealth yet again and pass both of these horrific bills.

       You can make a difference. Please take a minute to e-mail or call Republican National Committee Woman, State Representative, and Candidate for State Treasurer Keiko Orall and Republican Minority Leader Brad Jones — urging them to stand strong against liberal leadership and don’t allow another blowtorch to be taken to the Constitution.

All you need to do is click on their e-mail addresses and hit send, we have already written a template e-mail for you.

You can also call them at the numbers we have provided. Let them know that you understand the incredible pressure they are under, but they must not cave in and allow even more bad legislation to be passed as bi-partisan measures that punishes everyone collectively including lawful gun owners while offering no real solutions.

Click the link to e-mail them both today.,

Keiko Orall: 617-722-2090
Brad Jones: 617-722-2100
Thank you!
Chris Pinto
Massachusetts Gun Rights
The second shot heard round the world.