May 8, 2016

About MAGR

About MAGR

About MAGR

With rapidly expanding gun ownership in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Gun Rights will lead the charge to halt the radical anti-gun agenda across the state. Accepting NO COMPROMISE on the issue of gun control, MAGR will work tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun views, and we will not rest until the Second Amendment is safe from these radicals. But our effectiveness in the battle against the gun grabbers depends entirely on the support of gun rights supporters like you.

Founders Intention

As the Founders Intended

Massachusetts Gun Rights will not only work tirelessly to defend against attacks on our Second Amendment freedoms, but will also work tirelessly to advance true firearms freedom in the form of Constitutional Carry legislation.

Constitutional Carry is the simple idea that law-abiding people shouldn’t be forced to get a government permission slip to exercise their right to self-defense. No one should be treated like a criminal simply for wishing to carry a firearm in defense of themselves or their family.

MAGR strongly believes that Constitutional Carry is the way our founders intended for citizens to exercise their constitutionally protected right to bear arms. MAGR will propose Constitutional Carry legislation in Massachusetts.